Anyone here fly with Flightcoms?


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Hey guys,
I"m just about to decide on my purchase of a headset for training and have been leaning toward the Flightcom Denali's. I have heard good things about them. Just curious if anyone in here owns them or have used them and what are your opinions? Thanks a ton
i've been using the denali ANRs for about 16 months. they're very comfortable, but lately my ANR has been acting up. even with brand new batteries (one 9v) it starts to make some really weird annoying noises almost like its cutting in and out. i've yet to contact them about the problem, but i believe they're still under warrenty so we'll see what happens. otherwise i've really enjoyed the headset.
I have had a pair of PNR Denalis for about two years, and they're still great. They block a good deal of noise, but are extremely lightweight. And after a long X-C, that really makes a difference.

Plus, the 'J3 yellow' color makes me feel young and hip (or at least that's what I tell myself).
I've had a pair of the blue ANR Denalis for about a year and half and I absolutely love them. One of the lightest and most comfortable headsets I have ever used. You don't have that cramped feeling after a long flight like you do with most other headsets. I would highly recommend them!
cool guys. Yeah i'm looking at getting a pair of Passive Denali's in blue. I have heard good stuff about them. Anyone else ?
I bought a pair of 4DLX's that are great and used them for a couple of years and decided to do an ANR conversion on them and that works great. What a difference!

Now, the company that I bought the do-it-yourself or not kit from is called Headsets Inc. at and after the original price of the headset and the cost of the conversion at around 139.00 I think, it was somewhat cheaper than a new ANR set BUT, that was fine since I originally bought passive and long after the fact converted, in hindsight I wish I had of just got ANR new and be done with it. Flightcom the company(what a small world) which is across the street from where I work makes a fine Denali ANR but I think and all my pilot friends like the Lightspeed series better. The 15XL is lighter and cheaper.

So check the Lightspeed series is my advice, you'll be glad you did
I looked into the Lightspeeds when I was in the market but I didn't like the size. Some of their headsets seem to have large earcups that stick out a ways. They do make good headsets though, my CFI uses them and is pretty happy. I just recommend the Denali because of the size, weight, features and price. If you can afford any ANR headset I would recommend that. It makes a lot of difference on the ol' ears.
"ya know, after thinking about it, as much as I did like the Lightspeeds, the Denali's have all the bases covered and don't stick out like giant muffins!
I purchased a blue pair of passive Denali's nearly 3 years ago when I started flying. Recently the top "headband" portion started to crack. (After over 800 hours of usage) I thought I was going to end up buying a new headset. However, I called Flightcom and it turns out it the old headsets have some weaknesses. So at no charge and no questions asked, they replaced the headband with a new and improved one. (Thicker and better built than what was placed on units when I bought my pair. So new Denali sets are more sturdy than the one I bought 3 years back.) They also replaced my ear seals at no cost and did a couple of other things for free.

Great passive headset. It is really comfortable and very light. The customer service is very good.