Anyone go through PHL?


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Does anyone here have any routes through PHL? Specifically on Wednesday?

My friend's coming in on US Airways from Munich and is then heading to ROA. I'm trying to think of something I could surprise her and her friend with while they wait for the second flight.

I figured I could call a few places and see if I could buy something with my card and have them drop it off at the gate for them.

Thoughts? Help? Ideas?


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Other than that, I can't think of anything really that great in PHL.
Except on Wednesday, because I'll be there. :p

But sorry Scandinavian13, I will only be in the airport for about 30 minutes so I wouldn't be able to help your cause.


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Thanks for the thought, though.

Basically, my thought is to find out whatever gate they're at and have someone drop off some Starbucks gift cards and some flowers or something. I'd call the places ahead of time and pay by card and whoever was there would pick it up and take it over to the gate agents. It's a bit of a stretch.

Might just have flowers delivered to their place for when they get home...

We'll see.