Anyone flying through Chicago


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If anyone's flying through Chicago, be gald to take you out to lunch or even for a flight to KARR for one of the best Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago LOL!
one of the best Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago

[/ QUOTE ]

and where might that be? I'm a big fan of Al's on Taylor and any of the Portillo's.

Hot & wet,

My Italian Beef that is. OK this is getting worse. For the record I don't have any Italian in me.

Want some? Ha! OK bye bye.
My personal favorite is Mr Beef on Orleans, be hard to top it. Get a "hot combo" which is Spicy Sausage+beef+peppers+cheese on a bun.

Don't go there two months prior to a medical though as they just might admit you to the hospital on the spot.

Seriously though, does ARR have a restaurant on field/close by? I fly out of PWK and am always looking for new places to take someone for the $200 lunch. (other than 06C and JVL).

Vampryr, what's next for you?
Anybody been to Mi Tierra at Griffith-Merrillville Airport (05C)?

Looks like they've got pretty cheap gas at the FBO (according to and the menu looks good at the restaurant.

Mi Tierra

Our breakfast specialty:

Don Chuy Biscuits and Gravy.....3.50

1/2 order.....1.95

Two biscuits topped with a spicy country style gravy
(gravy made with Mexican breakfast sausage)

mmmmm.... gravy
I had my first ever italian beef sandwich today in Fort Wayne. It was very good. If you're close to Midway, mebbe I'll give you a buzz sometime.
Dave, lemme know when you get a turn though here, there is a joint up Central Ave. with awesome italian beef.
The place is called Air Dogs I believe, if I remember correctly. (Not related to the Air Dogs just off the field at PWK.) This is just a little trailer (new, only about 2 months old, very well maintained) just at the base of the tower outside the airport perimeter fence. You could literally park the plane a few feet away and grab a bite. Relatively cheap as well, I think the Beef, chips and a can of soda is like $4.

I rent out of PWK when I'm not working the line at North American Jet.