Anyone/Everyone what in your opinion is a better plane to fly. MD/88/90 or 737800/900


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This post wasn't just meant for Doug orginally....

What is the better all around aircraft to fly? The MD-88/90 or the B-737-800/900. In all categories:





Fun to fly factor

I realize that the last one "fun to fly factor" is going to be based soley on opinion as might the other so I hope to hear from you all.

My opinion would favor the B-737-800/900. And before you all jump on me for actually having an opinion not based on actually flying the two planes remember that it's just my opinion.

Based upon what I have read bout the two planes and what I have gotten from the pilots who fly both planes.
I do not worry about things like this until I am actually in a position where I am faced with a choice - then I would worry about things like trips, senority or as a pax, how many first class seats there are.
I'd kill to fly either!!
hahafrom my xperiance in FS- 6the 737 fisics have a lot more shacking.

Okay.. Yeah, that joke is getting old.. but still funny


I hear pax hate flying on the 'butt end' of the 37-700/800s.
Yeah I really think that they'd both be a blast to fly. I'd rather fly the MD-90 to an 88 series aircraft. Those International Aero Engines really look nice on that plane.

I really like the NG B-737-800/900. It has a real nice wing and is longer then the MD-88/90 aircraft and what that basically means is better all around performance.

The jury is still out on if the NG 737's look better with the winglets or without. Though can't wait to se the first SWA 700 with the new winglets.