Anyone else think..............


it was a coincidence that shortly after the JC care package arrive in Iraq, they capture Saddam???
Dude, that's it. We gotta change those press releases. Now we gotta say something about how our care packages helped get Saddam!
Serious - then all we need to do is send one to Afhganistan and to the Democratic party and the world would be a better place.
They're not there quite yet. Don't you bozos know where Bahrain is?
They're not there quite yet. Don't you bozos know where Bahrain is?

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Here is what DHL is saying -

December 11, 2003 17:24
Phoenix, AZ - USA Departing origin
December 12, 2003 04:45
Cincinnati, OH - USA Transferred through Cincinnati, OH - USA
December 12, 2003 05:41
Cincinnati, OH - USA Departed from DHL Hub Cincinnati, OH - USA
December 12, 2003 06:35
New York City-Gateway, NY - USA Arrived at DHL Gateway New York City-Gateway, NY - USA
December 12, 2003 08:30
New York City-Gateway, NY - USA Transferred through New York City-Gateway, NY - USA
December 12, 2003 10:12
New York City-Gateway, NY - USA Departed from DHL Gateway New York City-Gateway, NY - USA
December 13, 2003 11:22
Bahrain - Bahrain Arrived at Bahrain - Bahrain
December 14, 2003 10:09
Baghdad - Al Muthana - Iraq With delivery courier
December 14, 2003 13:26
Bahrain - Bahrain Departed from Bahrain - Bahrain

When I checked yesterday the last entry was not there - either way it is confusing. Rumour has it he can smell US packages coming to Iraq from anywhere in the Middle East.
Bahrain? Isn't that over in the sandbox somewhere? It's all the same stuff right. Don't know much geomagraphony east of the Mississippi...
Hey, I went to public school in the san joaquin valley, I had to look at my world map in my home office to see where it was.

BTW, I used to 'summer' in East Palo Alto when it wasn't so friendly. My aunt used to live on Brentwood Ct, right off of Willow street.
No kidding? Yeah, EPA was pretty whacked 20 years ago. Highest murder rate per capita in the country. Now the street-side neigborhood drug dealers are a little more classy. The rap music cuts off at about 11 thankfully, and I only hear gunshots about every two months.

I used to live right off Willow. Now I'm next to the big Ikea, Best Buy, Office Max, and Home Depot - all the stuff that replaced "Whiskey Gulch" at University and 101.
Back in the day, probably late 1987, all there existed was a KFC across 101, the Kunta Kinte hut down on University (I think that was the road, that went past the bank on the way to the Dumbarton) and some hole in the wall diner across from a broken down school (just north of Ravenswood elementary).

My aunt was superintendent of Ravenswood School district so I'd spend my summers loading boxes, helping paint classrooms and stocking the rooms with school supplies. I used to play tennis just north of Ravenswood and I'd ride my cousins bike down Willow Road before it got too dangerous after 3pm. Ya know, the druggies wake up late.
Yep, that's University.

Yeah, pretty safe in the morning around here, ha ha.

The KFC at 101 - a couple of my roomies (who have been in the area longer than I) say that used to be the most ghetto restaurant, with bullet-proof drive-through windows with "bank drawer" style exchange system to get your cash and give you the food...

The Ravenswood district is building a new High School near where University meets the 84 going to Dumbarton Bridge. Pretty nice looking so far...
Yup the KFC near 101 had bulletproof glass, a sliding metal tray and no seats.

The funny thing is, is that I grew up in a town of about 20,000 people where everyone more or less knew each other and I didn't even have a key to my own house because we never locked our doors.

Then I'd visit my aunt in EPA and we'd hit Fortress:KFC, go out elegant-style to the Sizzler on el Camino Real and make sure we were back in the house before sunset.

Definietely a different world than Tulare!
They're not there quite yet. Don't you bozos know where Bahrain is?

[/ QUOTE ]

Doug, we're all studying aviation...HELLO!!!!
Of course we don't!!!!

On a more serious note, a few years ago, I had a weather class with a really good friend of mine. We had a test one day, with a pretty simple question, like "What weather phenomenon is occuring over the Gulf of Mexico at the time of the weather briefing...". My friend had the audacity to write in, "I'm from Raleigh, NC...I don't have any idea where the Gulf of Mexico is!!!".

Needless to say, he lost points....

But then I've got to admit that lived my life under the impression that I'd never live outside of California.

No reason to, ya know?
Oh, yeah....

I joined the Marine Corps not knowing that there was even a place IN California called Twentynine Palms....those military orders will really wake you up!!!
Hahahaha.....I used to go to a KFC on the east side here, near my work, and they had that "bank drawer" transfer system. I thought it was hilarious!
Imperial Valley rules. Some prime real estate along the Salton Sea... good fishing I hear.

TNP? Geez, that's about all that's there!

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Dude, you're not kidding. Check the map out:

Yahoo Maps of Twentynine Palms


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And to think, I can tell stories about some of the "greatest times of my life..." in that city!!!!

The largest Marine Corps base in the world is in this city , and it's CRAP!!!!