Anyone doing this?


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ok i guess. lol, i dont really ask people about their personal life as im not a psychologist. were just past half done. you could always go home for a weekend here and there


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I'll be leaving my new wife less than a month after I get married, assuming I go to OKC in October.

I'm actually kind of excited. We did a long distance relationship for 18 months, and I left when we were only dating for 10 months... it actually made our relationship a lot stronger and I really think it's why we are so good together. We got to know each other without all the physical stuff.... we learned our personalities, our likes, dislikes, and just who the other person was verbally.

It'll be ok.... you'll be there for 5 months max. Think of it as an extended vacation away from the kids... most people would kill for a week away from the wife and children... you're getting the ultimate with several months! Enjoy it while you can!


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....... I am probably doing the one thing everyone.... EVERYONE was warned against... I am bringing my girlfriend with me. She just don't have anywhere to go, but I already told her that she will be a distant second while I am in OKC she says she understands, if not, it is just a weekend drive to DFW.... shhh don't tell he I said that.


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Possibly leaving a spouse and/or children for 3 months to go to OKC?

Leaving them for that long is a terrible mistake. It might be a hassle to take them with you, but trust me it's the right and responsible thing to do.

Those of you with girlfriends on the other hand.... *sigh* NOT the right thing to do!

PM me if you wanna argue details, it's too late for me now. . .


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You will get over it, and so will they. What is 3 months in relation to the rest of your life? I know......................Nothin'


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I've been away from the fam for 1 of 3 months now (Air Force, not ATC), she's my super-duper BFF, and our relationship is much stronger and way more important than all of the lifetime movies say it should be. Army wives/desperate housewives sucks in that sense, and if they made an Army husbands/desperate house-husbands :confused: show, they would suck too.

Trust and security trumps time/distance any day. Talk alot (she IS still a woman). Or if you're a guy, make sure he knows that still sharing your temporarily seperate lives is important. Probably all stuff you already know.

You'll be fine.

(SMS/MMS/email pix of the fam help!)


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My wife will be remaining home working while I'm in OKC. We have discussed it but it shouldn't be an issue. We will communicate daily I'm sure and might be able to see each other on occasion. I told her to get a part-time airline job so we could maintain our free flight benefits. That would help alot, but she doesn't seem to keen to that idea.


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I will be in the same boat when I leave. We just celebrated our one year anniversary. We are not looking forward to the time apart but we did it while we were dating/engaged and are somewhat prepared. I think it is going to work out for us to see each other every other weekend or so and it looks like Christmas will be in the mix anyways.

I bought us some webcams...see how that helps out. The biggest problem we had last time we did long distance was after that first month or seemed we would misinterpret little things during our conversations. So I am hoping that by seeing each others facial expressions and what not we can minimize the stress.

Heh, plus I won't have to ask what she's wearing!!!:nana2:


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It is definitely a discussion that needs to take place with their spouse if they are married. My wife and I have already discussed it and she is completely behind me doing this job and understands that I will be away for a few months while in training. Our plan is just for her to come out and see me 2-3 times while I'm out there, depending on airfares, etc...

For couples who are already established in terms of a house, jobs, etc., it really isn't an option for many for their spouse to travel with them for that length of time. Unless your spouse has a VERY understanding employer that is willing to give them a leave of absence for 3-5 months and you're free of a mortgage and/or rent, they are unfortunately going to have to stay behind.


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My husband and I were at first going to just have him move there. Since we have been in the process for over a year, we have had a LOT of time to really think it over. After talking about it in length we decided in the end it would be cheaper to move with him.

A lot of people will argue you don't have time for family. The thing is, I have talked to some people in OKC and they say that there are a lot of guys that argue "no time for family" yet they have time to party and get drunk on the weekends. I was told by one guy in OKC that those that argue no time for family are the same ones that are partying on weekends. If you have time to party, you have time for family. I agree with him. He said that as long as you found a place to live you would be fine having a family there.

So I am going against the grain - Take your family! Once in OKC if it isn't working, I will drive home with the kids. We do have a different relationship than a lot of married people though. I can't imagine being without him or not seeing him for more than a day and he feels the same way. The one night he was in Chicago almost killed us both. If he were having those feelings in OKC he would have a harder time concentrating. He would be focused on when he would get to come home and not on school. Also, we are used to full time work, part time work and part time school. After the girls are in bed at night, I help him study. It works well and I am optimistic it will work well in OKC too!

By the way - I am a stay at home mom so we don't have the employer issues. We will still have a mortgage and most likely car payment while in OKC. It will be tight, but worth it.


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A lot of people will argue you don't have time for family. The thing is, I have talked to some people in OKC and they say that there are a lot of guys that argue "no time for family" yet they have time to party and get drunk on the weekends. I was told by one guy in OKC that those that argue no time for family are the same ones that are partying on weekends.
EXACTLY! What's the point in going if you're not going to leave your family behind and relive your youth on the weekends. :D :rawk:

"No really dear, it'd be better if you stayed here, it's only 4 months." ((In my head... 'WOOHOO, 4 MONTHS ON MY OWN!!'))


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I would have to agree with TeeTee, it will def be cheaper to bring your spouse with you; I'm honestly thinking in bringing my wife with me, she's basically my life and the moral support always helps :)


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True, my gf has been with me threw some of the toughest times in my life and I in hers. I love her to death, planning on buying a ring soon. :bandit:


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i just celebrated my 2 year anniversary, and have a daughter that will be turning 2 soon. if and when i go to OKC i will leave them at home. my wife has a pretty good job, we have a mortgage, a car note, a dog, and family. we would be homeless if she left her job for 3 months. i've been working nights the past 4 years and being a stay at home dad during the day holds me down too much. the time away will be beneficial to our future and give me a little time to myself, though i do love my family.

i'm def getting some webcams though, that way my little girl can see me every night before she goes to bed and i'll feel like i'm right there with them