Anyone commute out of SEA?


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What’s the scoop on parking? It appears as if the airport won’t sell parking passes to commuters. Do any of the hotels or off-campus parking vendors give employee rates?



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UPS used to have a lot next to the Aviation High School building. It was unmonitored and they ran a shuttle between that lot and their facility. They never checked for ID's or had any sort of pass to put up in your windshield. There was also a bus stop there. You might scope it out and see if it would work out for you. You'd have to Uber it up to Seatac, though. Considering it's probably 15/day to park anymore at the airport, you might just Uber it from home if you aren't too far away. I'm not aware of any of the hotels being commuter friendly enough to let you park there unless you bought a room.
told my wife I would do some preliminary intel gathering.

I told my wife I'd do some prelim intel gathering on SEA.

Didn't end well for me...