Anybody ever been in car sales?


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I just had an off topic question: Have any of you ever been in the car sale business? I have a job interview next week with a large Chevy dealer in town and was wondering if anybody out there had ever sold cars for a living. It is definately not something I plan to do forever, but think that it would be a great source of income while I work on my CFI ratings. My plans are to get my ratings and keep on saving the money so that I can look into starting my own business. It has been a dream to open an FBO, flight school, or charter operation. Risky but worth the challenge in my eyes. Let me know if anybody has any input into the job and/or any opinions. Thanks!

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why not try to find a job with an FBO helping out with airplane sales (ie: ferrying, demo flights, etc..)you can learn about the biz you want to have for yourself someday. Car sales income is pretty much about finding the spread between your skills and a buyer's naivety and/or desperation.
I've had other sales jobs and I think that if your personality is suited to selling, then you can make a mint. If it isn't, you either won't be happy or you'll be broke. Possibly both.

Give it a try, that's the only way that you'll know for sure.

If you get hired, you have to report back to us on top secret car sales items like:

Are they really losing money when they sell below invoice?
What is dealer prep?
What do they really talk about when they go discuss the deal with their supervisor? Fishing?


Seriously, good luck.
Thanks for the advice guys. I have looked into aircraft sales but there aren't that many opportunities out there right now. There is a place at GRR about 45 mins away but there just isn't enough aircraft sales right now, plus I have no experience. I figure if I am able to sell cars for a while, I will gain the needed sales experience and be able to apply that to aircraft sales if necessary in the future. Not to mention I really need a new car these days, the ol' 85 Buick Regal is starting to show her age
Wouldn't mind having a nice demo car to drive around, or getting one heck of a deal on buying a new one
That and the fact that the grace period on my student loans ends in December and it'll be nice to have some cash around.
....soo....Bluestreak......if I happen to wander by this dealship in a few months......


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When purchasing a car, go and buy a finance calculator (I think I bought mine for $25) learn how to run rates on it, and take it a long, and then act like you are payment sensitive, and see what rate they run you.
My mum just bought a Focus, we wanted as close to $250 per (as the adverts were showing) month for 36 (always remember that cash back options are only available for certain terms) to get the $1500 back. Well the salesman came back offered $250 for 60 Months, the cost of funds leaped from 0 to almost $6000 (including the $1500 cash back we were no longer able to get), the rate went from 0% to 12.95%. Ofcourse we left that dealership immediately!! Bloody finance people!