Any sort of "Where I've Been" program or website?


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Not sure how to put it into better words than that. Anybody know of any sort of program or website that would allow me to plot on a map every airport Ive landed at? Something I can continually update as I move forward in my career. I'm looking for a neat way to keep track of that stuff visually, without having to plot all of the airports on a map by hand in photoshop :)

I thought I remembered hearing about something like that from another pilot but can't seem to find one on my own.



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they do have the US or world map where you can plot what states you've been in... but not really airport related.

I can't remember the thread, but it's about a year old i think.


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If you are using logbook pro you can buy an add on call "Flight Route Browser" that does the same thing. It's fun for a bit, but not really worth the cost though.



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