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I am also cosidering attending Mesa Flight School in Farmington, NM. I don't know much about the program aside from what I have read on the internet. However, I was passing through there a few months ago and I tried to get a tour but it was very short notice, therefore I didn't get a tour. I did however drive out to the airport and look at their aircraft and facilities. I was impressed with what I saw. There Bonanzas and Barrons were very nice. It seems like a good program and the location is very nice. The runway sits on top of a plateau, which was kinda neat. Anyway, this is all I can offer, but, if you have any questions I can offer my opinion. Take care!
I have heard mostly good comments from MAPD. Unless you wash-out or are an @$$, you will probably get a job with the airline IF (IF) ((IF)) they are hiring. MAPD grads have a serious advantage in preferential hiring. plus you get hired straight out of school: about 250 hrs TT.

You must understand what you are getting into, though. This is a very structured program: they don't mess around. You are responsible for your progress. Each class (rating) has a time limit: If you don't finish a class in a certain number of weeks, you get the boot. The student maintains all his own paperwork, not the CFI.

And so on. There used to be message board for students of the program, but it closed a couple months ago. But you could probably give them a call and get phone numbers of some of the students. I don't know. As with any school, if you are seriously considering it, go give it a good long visit. Check out the town, (it sucks) and see if you can live there. Its a small school environment, so everyone knows everyone.

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For some more information may I suggest the two Yahoo! discussion groups.

This group is primarily for the MAPD program.

...and this group is for the company.

I am nearly finished with the PACE program. I was/am very very impressed and feel like every $ I spent was worth the improvement in my knowledge and flying skills. It is no surprise that they hire right out of the program. On the other hand this program has an absolutely Zero tolerance policy for BS. Nobody will hold your hand! Show up, be responsible, work hard, and act like the airline captain you want to be one day. Good luck!
Hey Heynekamp, since there are still pilots at Mesa who are on furlough, what do they do with recent graduates of the program. For example, do you still interview w/ Mesa, and join the furlough group until things turn around, or do they say sorry and good luck?
Thanks in advance.
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