Any other sites like this? Live flight tracking.


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Pretty cool. You can click on the graphic to get info. Watching planes approach into SFO, with the info window up. Realtime, down about 100' every few seconds, and the speed holding constant. Doesn't seem all the other info is on there, but though it was fun to watch.

And the cool thing is, it covers my local field down the coast at Watsonville as well, so I'll have to watch during the day to see the speeds of folks around the pattern. May be cool to run in in the FBO, up on the 3rd floor, watching out the window, and the speeds on the display.

Anyhow, are there other sites that have a similar tracking like this? I guess there is radar data coming in somewhere to allow it.



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There's a few other programs out there. Most of them are pay for use. The one you were looking at is actually delayed about 10 min for security purposes. A friend of my wrote a program that delays audio feeds and I keep meaning to use it to combine live atc with "live" tracking.



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This is the one for the Cleveland area. You can go back in time too. It covers most of NE Ohio, and you can see the southern area of Detroit if you zoom way out. Clicking on a plane provides you with type, altitude, departure, and destination (I think that feature only works if you go back in time). I've gone through and found myself cruising around in the Bonanza a few times...its pretty cool!


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You can track commercial flights (you have to be a subscriber to track all IFR flights). Gives you an map image as well as speed and altitude info.


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Yeah, but Flytecomm works only for commercial flights. While I use it for those, it does not show GA stuff (at least not in their free version, maybe the pay stuff does). What I'm asking about, is something that shows complete coverage. For free. When I'm going to pick someone up, or a friend is out flying, I want to be able to track them as they go (just by knowing their route and altitude. Even if their info wasn't given in the system, seeing someone flying west, at 5500' about the time I expect them. And if the 10min or so delay shows them 1/2hour out, then time to go meet them at the hangar, just as they pull up.

This Norcal area is my local space, and really all that I needed. Just wondering if this is the first/only thing like this, or if eventually stuff could be tracked all across the country. Seems not yet.


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I usually go to FlyteComm ( You are able to track some GA stuff as long as you know the 3-letter company identifer and the flight number (i.e. - NetJets - EJA, Flexjet - LXJ, Ameristar - AJI, Kalitta - KFS). NetJets and Flexjet flight numbers are typically the tail numbers of the aircraft, so they're pretty easy to find (i.e. - N903QS = EJA903) There is a place on FAA website where you can find the 3-letter identifer for all companies that have them, but it is sometimes difficult to find.

I also know of some other places to track all civil IFR flights, but they're pay sites or programs. As far as I know, there really is no way to track VFR flights via computer - but there may be something out there.