Any Kite Surfing?

It's a surfboard very similar to a wakeboard pulled by a kite. I couldn't figure out how to post a picture. You don't need very much wind, mayby twelve knots. I haven't done it but I do a lot of windsurfing in Oregon. I was thinking if I drive my butt across the country to Vero, this could be my new Monday activity... Does Vero get much wind in the 10 knot range? Has anyone seen them north or south of Vero while flying etc.? Go here if you want to see...
Yes, there is kite surfing here in Vero. While I don't do it myself, a friend of mine (a non-blue haired local) is very into it. Just about anything that you want to do on the water, can be done here in Vero.

Vero would be great for kite surfing. There is usually a sea breeze.

My girlfriend took a lesson up in Melborne. I know there is a school somewhere south, maybe Ft. Lauderdale.

Surf the net.

good luck.