Any IFR pilots in the Buffalo, area?


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I would like to split 100 hrs in Jan/Feb in a single. Found a flying club that
charges $28 dry tach for a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee 140. Fuel at the airfield is currently
$3.79/Gl. Probably the best deal you'll find anywhere in the States.
Also keep in mind that 1 Tach hour = 1.2 Hobbs!


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I figure about a month. Most of the trips would have us back home every night but I would also like to do a couple out west so we could split the motel for those.

In order to be PIC you would have to join the club.

After paying a one-time initiation fee of $500.00, the rates charged are as follows:
  • Active Member Dues - $44.00 per month
  • Insurance Charge - $42.00 per month
  • Aircraft Rates (dry tach hours)
    • Cherokee 140 - $28.00
    • Cessna 172 Skyhawk - $28.00
$500+$86(1 month dues and Insurance)+50 hrs *($28 * 8 gl at $3.79) = $3502

So this works out to $70.00/hr wet tach.
Keep in mind I am not changing the Tach to Hobbs so as to allow a buffer
for fluctuations of fuel cost. So 50 hrs Tach = 60 hrs Hobbs.

The nice thing too is that you will be named on the insurance policy and I believe the deductible is $100.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!