Any fly for any one famous

who was it?????
did you meet him/her???
Come on Eagle 'we' would like a little more information
Yarsolav - I'll write this so that you can comprehend it:

he fly for one who famous in plane day one cos he pilot for.

Evander Holyfield (polite), Richard Simmons (just like on TV), Cameron Diaz (looks way different in person), Andy McDowell (mad that no one knew who she was), Bob Costas (cool, studious), Jennifer Love Hewitt (wow!), "Mamma" Judd (friendly), Naomi Judd (very nice), Brooke Shields (snotty), NSYNC (all of 'em), Tommy Lee, Robert Rubin, Norm McDonald, Eugene Levy (quiet), Shirley Manson (extremely polite), Emmitt Smith (cool, but very nervous flyer), Stone Cold Steve Austin (reserved, but friendly), Goldberg (didn't meet him) and the lady from the old Sprint commercials that lives in Jackson, MS. I just can't remember her name but she was very well mannered and down to earth.
Unlike Doug who flew people in public, the would of personal jets is private and we do not discuss who our pax are. All I will say is we have had everyone from very senior Senators, to movie and TV stars (Oscar winners in two cases) Models, An X-President and a Junior senator on the same flight. a bunch of news anchors,. and just average successful people.

My problem (of many. grin) is I am not into Pop Culture at all, and when I was introduced to one pax (a model) I had no Idea who she was. and only vaguely do now.
Sela Ward! That's who the sprint chick was. She sat in coach with her kids, was very polite and actually extremely friendly.

I don't think people realize that most stars look nothing like 'television' in person.
Yeah when I meet Mr and Mrs Jetcareers, althought I recognized them, they look very different in real life compared to on the website!
Oh man, I had just undergone about two hours of the Queens "me me me me me" exhibits, and Kristie was sick!
What i meant to say was

did any one fly for any one famous

that should have been it i guess i just mispelled.
Her majesty's royal WC... Her majesty's picture of her majesty's cockapoo... Her majesty's royal steak knife... Her majesty's chair where she sits before she sits over there by the window overlooking her majesty's royal oak tree... yadda yadda yadda.

We probably could have gotten out a little earlier to come meet you but the British love their orderly queues!



"Let's just get out of here"


Attendant, "Oh, you must see Her Majesty's Tea Room!" **SHOVE**

Greeat. Now we're hostages in Buckingham Palace! Where the hell is the American Consulate?!
Yeah tell me about liking the queues. You saw the traffic in London! WHAT A MESS!!

I personally do not like the monarchy, I think they really need to start doing something for the people rather then spend their tax money which could be and should be spent on other things!!
Yeah, we were way more interested in the commoners rather than the bloody aristocracy over there.

Woo hoo, the queen's got a billion GBP diamond. Wonderful.

We went pretty deep in search of Brits and found a LOT of Iraqis. Sheesh! Where do all of you Londoners hide out at!
Yeah we have a massive immigration problem. The country is taking on so many uneducated foriegners looking for a better life, and unfortunately they do not intergrate like most peope in the United States. It creates a lot of tension, and something needs to be done about it.

Next time you come to the UK go and hang out in the countryside, it is really wha the UK is about. Lots of feilds with live stock, the hounds on the hunt, the small villages, local pubs, etc! There is also plenty to see and do!
Yeah, I really did like the fact that each village had at least one pub with an assortment of beers to choose from. Not too many mixed drinks for those who don't want beer though. I didn't really care too much for the smell of animal fertilizer in the country though. They use it a lot it seems.
An X-President and a Junior senator on the same flight

[/ QUOTE ]

geee....I wonder..........