Any comments on yesterday DATELINE show on British Airways flight 9?


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Yesterday Dateline made a documented film about British Airways flight 9 that flew through Volcanic ash at 35,000FT.
It looks like a volcano had errupted at the time the 747-200 was flying up high.

Appearantly the 747-200 lost all four engines and smoke entered the cabin. The Engines stalled due to the ash that entered the engine. Also the cockpit winshield was blocked by ash.

Once they descended below 10,000FT they could start the engine again becuase the ash wasnt in that altitude.

They climbed back again and the same thing accured. THey descended again decided to divert to Jakarta and land there. The captain landed looking through a small piece of windshield that was not covered with ash..

wow. I didnt hear about this...anybody have a link? there are a lot of lucky people on that flight! a job well done getting it on the ground safely!
Eric Moody (or Moody Eric) was the captain on that flight, and when it all happened he was in the bathroom!
I saw that episode on dateline before just not last night.

Another great epidode of Dateline is the Airbus A330 that ran outa fuel midway from Canada to Europe.

And glided for more then 80 miles on nothing and how the pilot landed the plane with no injuries and no damage to the plane (wow).

I saw that on Dateline last March.

The incident happened in the 1970's or the 1980's, it definitely didn't happen in the last 15 years.

This specific incident is actually referenced in the AIM. I don't remember what section it was in. But, I believe that if you look at the airmet/sigmet section there is a paragraph about volcanic ash where they mention this incident (I know it is in the AIM I am just guessing on where, I don't have one with me).
I remember seeing that a couple of years ago. The Captain was narrating the story. Quite gripping.
It was in the 80's I think, cause they said they had no clue what it was. I think now most if not all pilots know what ash will do to you.