Any career fairs this fall?

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Does any body know of a career fair this fall where the Major's may attend? I have my stuff in with United but being deployed and not having many contacts at the airline I need to do some face time with HR. I have tried doing searches but had no luck.
I've never understood why any employer anyone actually wants to work for would show up for a "career fair". It would be like Monsanto showing up to the county fair to hire. As much as the Fedex "squadron-buddy" hiring program irritates me, it also makes perfect sense. So here's this dude. We have a lot of dudes like him/her. They do a good job, and we know what to expect/how to handle them. They all come from a similar background and have had largely similar experiences. Let's hire more dudes just like these gender-indeterminate dudes, and we'll have fewer surprises.

Makes sense to me. Outside of being the right kind of dude, the way you get in is by making friends with (preferably several) of the dudes who are already there, so's they can tell Dad that you're allright. This doesn't just happen at the Majors, it's everywhere. Freight operators hire CFIs who don't like uniforms or get in barfights too much. Air Ambos hire freight pilots who live long enough to prove that they're either not-stupid or very, very lucky. And Majors hire guys that their current pilots know and like enough to stick their well-fed necks out for. Save your money and make friends the old fashioned way: buy them drinks. Oh, wait...
Everyone should hire freight pilots who live long enough to prove that they're either not-stupid or very, very lucky. .
fixed :)

To contribute something, NJC is my vote, even though I haven't been to one. This hodgepodge of internet crazies has to be more fun to hang out with than being at a job fair!
Thanks I'm planning to attend this years JC, it will be the first time that it works with my deployment schedule. I checked FAPA, but it's only listing regionals, and OBAP, I will still be here during that event.
Unfortunately, the career I'm currently in gives me very few opportunities to network with people already in the industry therefore career fairs seem to be a necessity, not everyone is lucky enough to have a rolodex full of Navy buddies walking your resume to the chief pilot.