Any Accountants In Here?


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This sort of relates to a previous thread not too long ago about having a backup plan incase flying doesn't work out.

Are any of you fellas in here accountants or studying accounting in school? The reason I ask is because I'm in school working on a BA right now with a concentration in MIS/CIS. However, it turns out that accounting catches my interest as well and its possible that I might look into getting a masters in accounting. One of the main reasons I may consider it is because it looks like a good backup incase professional flying doesn't work out or I get furloughed. Interestingly enough, my parents used to get their taxes done by an accounting firm owned by a Continental pilot back in the day.

Anyone have any thoughts?
I just graduated in May with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in marketing. I didn't mind the accounting classes I had to take but the degree seemed like an all or nothing. Kind of like flying, you have to commit 100% of your effort for a while to get your ratings and so on. I have a couple of friends that are accountants and they don't have a life (just working all the time). They are trying to get established and studying for their tests all the time.

A great career that could help you save some mega bucks some day. I wouldn't want to commit all the way to it though. Just my opinion. I would just get your undergraduate degree and then explore your flying endeavors. I have a fall back in marketing, but its just like every kind of job...its not what you know but who you know. I'm not banking on a degree to get me a job in the business world.

Just my two cents
Paul, I'm a CPA. I think that would be an excellent route,
if you actually enjoy the work. You may have to work in
the field for a year or two after you graduate, in order understand
the work, and to be able to pick up clients on the side
after you begin flying full time. If you are willing to fly
part-time only for a while, than it seems it might make
sense for you.