ANR headset worth it for CFI?


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I'm debating investing in a Bose A20 headset for flight instructing. I'm at about 120 dual given now and almost 400 total. So I figured if I'm going to invest in one it would be best to do sooner, since I will have around 600 hours left in loud piston planes instructing. I'm not really as concerned with the comfort as I am for hearing loss. I have david clarks now and they have been GREAT so far, not one issue with them at all. However, I want to protect my hearing for future medicals. Thoughts anyone?

Think it this as an investment in your future health. All of a sudden when I bought mine, days of instructing for 8 hours became WAYYYYYYYY more pleasant. Upside too with the Bose is it is TSO'd, so you can use it in the regionals if that's the route you want (and for most of the CRJs and especially the ERJs, you will want it.)
I've flown over 800 hours in piston airplanes in the past 12 months... Get the Bose. Seriously. Your ears will thank you and so will your significant other. I have a friend who still has his $250 DCs he's had since he got his private. After 2,000+ hours in pistons he listens to the TV super loud and yells all the time and doesn't think anything is wrong. His wife hates it lol.
ANR is great. Bose is optional. There are other, less expensive options that also do the trick, if $ is a concern.

Lightspeed Sierra, DC Pro-X, PilotUSA 1779 all good ANR at 2/3 to 1/2 the price of a Bose.

The Clarity Aloft is also a much simpler design that surpasses any ANR headset in performance and costs 1/2 what an A20 does.
I got the Bose X while I was working on my private and still use them today. I originally got a set a DCs when I first started and recently I tried them on while instructing and the difference is significant. I would never wear those DC's again unless I had earplugs underneath.

Get ANR's, you won't regret it.
YES! I used one of my cheap headsets recently, I couldn't believe how awful they Where.
Even though I hate my DC X-11's when they do work the sound, and lack of noise is great.
I used them on the Embrear as well. I never use a non anr headset again.
Yes. I have Telex Stratus 50Ds and always loved them, until I wore my students Zulu

Get that one
Seriously. I fly a big noisy turboprop and I love the Zulu. It's comfortable, quiet, and lasts long time.
I've used my Clarity Aloft headset for a year and a half now and I love it.

That will be my next purchase for sure.

@FlyHigh423 I can say after a few hundred hours in piston airplanes, you will notice a reduction in hearing acuity. I am getting ready to make the investment very shortly. I would place the Zulu next, I never caught on to the Bose craze, the A20's seem very rigid take away from the comfort level.
Buy the Bose.

I only wish they had the advanced technology headsets when I started flying. My tinnitus started about 8 years ago and in both ears. Fortunately, my hearing is still very good and I have never experienced any disequilibrium issues. So far.

ANR, my Flightcomm Denali rocks, I'll go to the Bose when I can afford it.