Another Sleep Apnea Question...


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This is not directly related to the apnea itself, however, I read recently that the government is trying to impose MANDATORY testing for all workers in the Transportation sector... Railway, Bus Drivers, Pilots, Ship captains etc etc, for screening for sleep apnea.

Have you heard of this in the works? And would a Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea mean a DQ from further 121 flying, or would you have to undergo some medical testing to determine your "level" of apnea before you would be DQ'd from it, if at all?

I am pretty certain I do NOT have it, as I usually wake up with some minor back pain, but otherwise feel refreshed. I would hate to be FORCED to take a mandated screening and then be told I have sleep apnea and be forced out of my career if I have no side affects of it currently...??

Does this make sense?

Thanks for all you do DOC!!!
The screening would be questions asked by the AME. There is no good screening test for sleep apnea. If the screening questionaire is abnormal, then they would get a sleep study and if abnormal the treatment is a CPAP machine. This all requires a Special Issuance but there are many pioots wit SI's for sleep apnea.