ANOTHER price hike??!?!


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Man... I just visited Ari-Ben's site and they raised their prices again!!
Isn't that twice in like a month? $26,995 for the pro course, up to $28,495, and now up to $30,995??

I know... it's still a good deal compared to most places but those are pretty outrageous increases. If they raise it any more I'll probably pick ATP instead (that was one of the big bonuses over ATP, it's lower price).

They need to update their prices on their ad here too...
I agree that was one of their best selling points. If ATP can develop a 141 program that VA approves, I will definately look more to them.

Right now they are $8k apart if you figure starting with Private.
The pro-course is still $26,995 if you have your private. It is $30,995 if you do not have your private.
Yeah, it was $26,995 private included...

Thats not the "pro course", thats the "200 hrs multi course"
There has been only one price hike recently. Before, the pro-course was around $25,000 if the student already had a private, and $28,500 with the private included in the course. Now, due to an increase in fuel prices, it costs $27,000 private not included and $31,000 from zero time.
I don't know why you're busting my balls on this, but this IS the second increase. The full pro course with the private has gone from 27K to 28.5K to 31K in the last month or two that I have been aware of the school. There is a post on here from Ari from the school confirming this first increase, check it out if you don't believe me. Why are you defending them for raising their prices? Do you work there or something?
It's quite likely that in addition to increased fuel costs, they're getting hit with spikes in their insurance premiums like everyone else in the industry. Right or wrong, it's part of the cost of 9/11, and we're all gonna be paying for it in one way or the other.
I'm not busting your balls. I don't work at the aviator but I am a student there. All I know is that I started the program in August and the price for the pro-course minus the private was 25,000, and the price is now is 27,000. This single price increase was announced at a meeting and the owner said it was due to increased fuel prices. I had been researching this school months before I attended in August and the price for the full pro-course including the private had not been 27,000 at least during that time period. You still won't find a better deal anywhere.
Ok, ok... I don't want to start a war here, truce. I agree with you, it is still a great deal and they are at or near the top of my list of potential schools. That doesn't mean I have to like price increases though does it?
Anyway, yeah, I would like to hear about your experiences there as well.
There has been only one price hike. This was November the first where we raised the multi engine course from 24,995.00 to 26,995.00. If you also need a private pilot add 4,000.00 to the 26,995.00. The time building has gone up 5 dollars an hour so the new prices are 5,995.00 for 100 hours. If you guys have any more questions please email me at

Ari Cohen
All things considered, a great bang for your buck. I just got back from a Fla. flight school and academy tour last night(Sun), and all things considered, the Aviator is the best choice for me. I will write a separate post as to the results of my tour and decisions as soon as I get unpacked and a few things squared away.

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