Another Hypothetical "What If?"


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Scenario: I have my CFI/CFII with CMEL-IR. My friend has CMEL-IR.

Question: If I have my friend fly under the hood in simulated IMC on an IFR flight plan with me giving him instruction, can I log the time as a PIC instructor? I do not have an MEI but I am giving him instruction on the use of his instruments, nothing to do with his multi.

Hopefully this question was clear enough.


P.S. I pose this question to see if there is anyway of escaping having to log Safety pilot time. Seems like instruction time would be better in my eyes.


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If you have your CFII then you can give instrument instruction in any aircraft that you are rated on. You dont have to be an MEI (assuming ur flying a twin) to give instrument instruction. So the answer is YES, you can log PIC time and not safety pilot time.