Another crash at FFZ


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Last night while I was hanging out waiting for groundschool to start (I was observing) someone came in and asked about the helicopter that had just crashed.

I walked out side and sure enough all the emergency equipment was on the north side of the feild.

Apparently a Native Air (air ambulance) was enroute from the Gateway area north to Scottsdale when the pilot declared an emergency over FFZ. He said he had lost hydraulics.

A few moments later the copter was on the ground, one person was out (walking) and the main rotor was still running. The helecopter was listing about 20 degrees to the starboard side. The nose canopy (the fron two seats) was broken off from the body, the tail rotor was missing and the main rotor wouldn't shut down. Three other people (the other pilot, a med tech and a patient) were still on board when the fire truck showed up and doused the wreck with foam which was ingested by the turbine and eventually shout the engine down.

All fou people walked away. The patient was transferred to another helicopter and was transported to the hospital and the crew were all taken in for checkups.

Been a bad couple of weeks at Falcon.
Another one today? Or was that the one from yesterday evening?