Another changing career story


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Good morning, everyone on this forum:

I know most of you hear too many times on this message board. Well, this is my developing story. I just want to share with you guys.

A little background - I am 34 years old. I am also not U.S. citizen yet(legal working here though). I used to be a high school school teacher. About a year ago, I decided to change my career. I chose to an aviation career. After spend a year reading any kind of material I can get my hand on, I think it is a way to go, but not an easy route. My wife suggested me to finish my PPL to see wether I like/love to fly or not. Well, I found it the cheapest flight lesson I could ever find. For FBO club member, C152/wet with an instructor costs me about 60 dollars per hour. The monthly fee is 30 dollars. The membership is 500 dollars one time only(depends on what kind of plane you want to fly).

Now, I am currently working on my PPL(about to take my checkride). I fly as much as I can because bug has bit really hard. I found myself doing the same thing as Mr. Taylor does - driving 80 miles per hours to local airport for my fly lesson and drive 80 miles per hour to see my wife and daughter. I am getting my credit up so I can take a loan to go to ATP(I hope they accept me into their ACPP). Thanks to many people, I have managed got married, a car, a little girl and my own house with any loan.

Thanks for reading my poor English post. I will keep update as I go. Have many great flights and excellent landings.

adreamer - I am still dreaming


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Keep on flying! I know it is not easy. Sounds like you have a wonderful family that is very supportive of your passion! Just stay focused and press forward! You can make it happen!




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Hi Dreamer!

In regards to changing careers, for me, it’s always good to hear about other peoples reflections, perceptions, desires, and experiences. Our commonality, albeit dissimilar to an extent of course, can be juxtaposed by our end-goal and our driving desire. I’m always intrigued when reading how other people are doing, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it. It give me a perspective on which I gauge my own endeavors.

Like you, I also became a dreamer not too long ago, I have yet to start chasing it. I think the stage I’m in is comparable to your year long searching and reading. I’ve been devising and formulating an attack strategy, one that I think is viable, logical, and sensible, referencing them to perspectives like yours.

I just wanted to say thanks for posting your story. To some, it’s just another story. But to others, particularly me, it’s a mental push, a tap that behests me to start on that laggard road. The best of luck to you on your journey, and don’t worry, I’m right behind you!


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Hey dreamer, good luck on your career change! I also am in the middle of a career change, going to ATP starting Aug 2nd for their 90 day ACPP, can't wait to start.

I'm leaving a job that pays well, but the future for my position is in doubt, so I'd rather make this move sooner rather than later. Being single at this time makes my move a lot easier to do than what you are trying to do. Good Luck!