Annual price increase in January


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I was planning to come down in early January, but have reconsidered when I learned about the price increases. I have been told, but want to confirm, that the prices you pay through your entire program are based upon the rates in effect when you begin your program. This represents about $1600 for me, and I am reconsidering coming in Dec instead to be assured the (presumably) lower 2002 rates.

Excellent point, based on my training agreement and my undrstanding, the price rates are set for the entire program. Can some one current, please confirm this.?

Look at it this way, $1,600 can be used for something else, but in the long run, how will this effect you, if you live of your loan as well.? Besides, you should also consider starting before the holidays and another thing to consider is the florida weather later in the year.

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Well, the $1600 is close to what I would make in the month of December at my job anyway, and it just seems foolish to work through December, essentially for free.

The weather in FL in Dec is good as I remember, and a lot cooler. As for the holidays, I'd probably come home for a few days around Xmas.

I realize $1600 is just the proverbial "drop in the bucket" compared to the mountain of money I am borrowing, but I'm not going to throw money around and waste it where it could be better spent elsewhere. An ANR headset, flight time, better living quarters, etc. I'm also not planning for the time I am at FSI-I am planning for my first paying flying job, when I get paid peanuts, and that extra $ left over will be very handy.
They're locked in, but they're specific to the time that you actually attend. So a student couldn't sign up today and start three years from now for the same price you paid. (Extreme example)

As far as saving $1,600 goes, do it. It is a drop in the bucket but over the years with interest that drop becomes as big as the bucket.(boy am I using creative descriptions tonight /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif)