Ann Romney's take on her in flight emergency


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Well at least it's entertaining...

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Ann Romney details 'shocking' emergency landing

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CNN Political Unit
(CNN) – Ann Romney gave details Wednesday about the emergency landing her plane took last week due to an electrical problem.
"I'm just watching a movie, sitting there and all the sudden, the movie goes off and I turn around, and it was so shocking. The whole inside of the plane was full of smoke," Ann Romney said in an interview that aired on "Access Hollywood Live."

Calmly, Ann said she turned to the other passengers and said, "Oh, this is a problem."
The chartered plane then took a "very, very quick descent," Ann said, adding that no one "really panicked."
"Everyone was doing their job, and we were going down fast," Ann said. "I mean they did say it's gonna feel like we were really going, it's like G-Force going down."
On Friday, the plane was headed to Los Angeles from Omaha but landed in Denver, where it was met with emergency vehicles on the runway.
"We landed, the door flew open, we flew, we got thrown off the airplane, and we were on the runway," Ann said in the interview. "I kept thinking to myself, this is Denver, this is a busy airport...Can we go to the 'shoulder'?"
No injuries were reported among the crew and small group of passengers that included Ann Romney, her press secretary and two Secret Service officers.
Her campaign said Friday that Ann spoke with her husband on the phone after the incident, which took place shortly before he held an event in Las Vegas.


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Wow the comments on that article are ridiculous. Not to mention the people that are claiming they know about aviation; "That's definitely a Gulfstream." Right.