Ann odd self perspective question ..


If specified, this will replace the title that
You think other people who stop by and check out the forums think we're as dumb/goofy/semi-retarded as other sites out there like

I mean when you just get a link to a thread thrown at you it's kind of hard to really understand what's going on ... you don't know the history of the posters, their style, etc. ... I bet some of our threads have ended up as links ... :shock:

Just something to ponder.

Yeah, I'm bored.
Well, since I'm a brand-new poster I can tell you I switched over here from iPilot becuase in general you all are significantly less "dumb/goofy/semi-retarded".

Every Internet discussion board has its share of arrogance, poorly though out posts, miscommunication, flaming, etc., I think because of people's (understandable) failure to realize that it is a written medium of coummunication, but I see a lot less of it here that other boards (OK, maybe it's all just in Squawk Box)

My $.02