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Any one have any info on angel flight? Are there any other organizations like them? I don't have a plane or the cash to rent one but figured I could volunteer my pilot services.
Can't remember which thread but someone put together links to 3 sites like angelflight. I'll see if i can find it
I this is a great way to give back - I looked into doing it during my sabatical - however I was not old enough.

I know my local Angel Flight chapter coudl organize some co-pilot legs, if the pilot wanted some one else to help him out for various reasons.
Do you know what the "rules" are? If I understand it correctly it looks like pilots fly people in need to hospitals and such for free. If you are the pilot, what happens with transporting passengers as far as a liablity stand point? I am just wondering if say Corbin volunteered his time but had to do it in a rented FBO plane would that be useful? Or is that against rules to transport passengers with an inst. rating but not commercial? And would you personally be liable for a problem or the plane owner?
If I understand it correctly it looks like pilots fly people in need to hospitals and such for free.

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You can rent aircraft from FBO's and do it - you do not have to be an aircraft owner. You can transport passengers with just a private, although I think having an instrument is better. I am not sure what you mean by 'problem' with the aircraft of the if the passenger fell ill. I spoke to them a bit about the program and if I had more free time, and was flying more regularly it would be something I would enjoy to do.
By problem I guess I meant like, I dunno, say he crashed the plane. Of course that would be his fault, but could someone sue us? Not that he would crash...but I try to think of all the what if's before getting involved in something. I haven't worried about that yet because he's only taken family as passengers so of course we wouldn't sue him. But by taking an unrelated person with us I am thinking if something went wrong we'd be responsible. But it does sound like a really great program. I put our zip code into the website and the closest place it said was CA. I wonder if they would still be able to use Corbin? Maybe if someone here needed to be flown to a CA airport?
I believe you are responsible for your own insurance - however it would be worth calling them and finding out. There are a few different organizations doing it - so it would be best to ask your FBO for your local ones, and then go and meet the guys.
Do you know what the "rules" are?

[/ QUOTE ]Angel Flight (which now includes AirLifeline) is divided up into 7 regional groups, each of which have their own rules about pilot requirements. Some require instrument ratings, some don't.

On the liability standpoint, there is, of course, exposure to the pilot. You are, after all, PIC and responsible for the flight. I'm pretty sure all chapters require the pilots to provide proof of insurance in case of an incident or accident. The patients sign liability waivers but the enforcability of those always depends on state law and the event itself. Fortunately, AFAIK, no one has ever had to test it. AF's safety record is phenomenal.
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I just noticed that you were in Utah, so you are in the same Angel Flight region as me. I am an orientation pilot in the Colorado Wing.

The main AF web site for us is But if you have any specific questions I can answer I'd be glad to. Send me a PM with your email address.