An Introduction...


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Hello all! I felt that I should introduce myself.

My name is Lewis. I'm 19 years old, currently enrolled at a UND Aerospace satellite school in Lumberton, North Carolina. I have a PPL (earned that in August '08 at a Part 61 FBO), and am currently working on my instrument/commercial/MEL. I'm hoping to transfer to the main campus this August.

I work for Atlantic Southeast Airlines in Fayetteville, NC (FAY) as a ramp agent, so a big shout-out to all you ASA guys! I'm hoping this job will look good on a resume for a pilot position in the future.

Basically, I'm here to learn and I am open to any and all advice. I look forward to talking with you guys!
Welcome aboard Lewis. There are lots of awesome people here on JC that possess uncanny knowledge of most subjects and are more than willing to help you with answers and advice. You will be doing yourself a big big favor by utilizing these resources as you continue your journey.
There are a couple UND'ers here at TransPac flying around. They're all from Forks, though. Good luck in school and let us know how it goes!