AMR's loss- from a Finance Weenie's Perspective


AMR bled about $2200 for every minute of every day from April 1 to June 30. (Operating Loss only)

We all have been watching oil and its ridiculous climb (save yesterday and today :)), but many don't realize that the gas we're burning today was settled several months back. IE, our June fuel burn came from contracts that were settled back in March, when crude was barely over $100/bbl. That leads me to my next point:

Our average fuel cost for this period was under $3.20.
We're forecasting $3.80 a gallon for the remainder of the year, including our hedges which have us at something around 35% at 85ish.

No punchline or anything, but if you're a stockholder, I'd say a good time to punch out would be right about meow. (AMR up 33% today).

Back to my cube before Gerard sees me JCing. ;)