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I know many people bash Ameriflight PFT, but here's a way you can be paid to fly. I found it on their website today:'d like to fly for us? Great! Here are our minimum qualifications:

1200 hours total time (at least 900 in airplane)
500 hours cross country (airport to airport)
100 hours multiengine airplane
100 hours night
75 hours instrument (at least 50 in flight)
FAA Commercial or ATP Certificate with:
Airplane Single and Multiengine
Land InstrumentAirplane rating
Current 2nd class medical


Currently we have openings for PA-32R Lance Captains in Oakland(OAK), CA with opportunities to advance into larger equipment after an introductory period. Ameriflight offers a comprehensive benefits package and a starting salary of $1,700.00 per month. Previous FAR part 135 experience desired, but not required. To apply, please complete our On-Line Application.

To apply, please complete an On-Line Application for a Pilot Position.
PA-32R Lance CAPTAINS..........ROFL.

A Captain on a Lance? As opposed to what?

When I flew Lance's for Air CSI/US Delivery, we were just called pilots............

Although, at Am Flight, you do get the blue shirt with the 4 stripes......
I Ameriflight offers a comprehensive benefits package and a starting salary of 1700.00 per month.

[/ QUOTE ]

Isn't that a little low? What does airnet pay?
Nah, its not that low. Hell, I bet it seems like a fortune to all the suckers who PAID more than an Ameriflight pilot's yearly salary for their job.
It is a fair wage to fly a single-engine plane. You would expect to see a raise as you upgrade to larger equipment.