American Flyers for IR?


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Can American Flyers be trusted after the recent scandal? The promo materials look good for a finish-up course. Any opinions on PIC, Morey's West Coast Adventure, and Hawaii Academy?

By the time I have the requisite 50 hrs X-C, I will also have about 30 hours of IFR training time, so all I'd probably need is a finish-up course.



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I know an engineer here in town who called on PIC to give him the IR course in his pretty-new Saratoga. The first guy they sent did not work out, but he did not give up and the second guy they sent I think it worked out pretty well. My CFI-I finished his rating with PIC, and he was really happy.

As a new CFI-I myself, I really do like the Peter Dogan book from PIC.


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Thanks SkyGuyEd. I don't have 30 hours now; I have about 19 total (IMC, hood, simulator). I'm estimating I will have 30 by the time I have my X-C hours.

Oh, I see what you mean. Why don't I go with my CFII, since I will have 30 hours with him by that time.


You can get it seperately. Try a search on

As you probably know, you can combine the instrument training with the XC time building.