American Eagle or Mesaba in MQT


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Just wondering if anybody here has ever been to MQT and/or worked for American Eagle or Mesaba as an A&P.

I am considering moving back to the U.P. in a few years and was wondering how often they hire A&Ps, what it is like to work as an A&P for those companies, what pay to expect, stability of employment, etc.

Any relevant information that you could provide me with would be appreciated.

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14 years as an A/P , Tech Crew Chief for Eagle. Not a bad company to work for. Expect odd hours , your pay depends on prior experience and need for Mechs, dont expect too much from the flight bennies, with reduced flight schedules stand by seats can be hard to come by. As for stability, since it is a union shop RIFs (reduction in force) , if they happen will be by seniority. in my 14 years there ,never seen a layoff.

check this web site out all the info you need.

I resigned in March 2008 and accepted a position with Embraer Executive Jets and moved to Arizona.

Advice : if youre a go getter,learn as much as you can and dont be affraid to take on more responsibility, you can go far.