American Eagle or Continental Express


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Not yet, but one day I was on my way into the Saab sim and was put on hold for 15-20 minutes while some Eagle folks went in to check it out. Supposedly Eagle is interested in a similar program.
When I called FS and told them I was interested in their program, but wouldn't be able to attend until next year, they said they were expecting more airlines to be available by that time. Regardless, unless ASA closes its pipeline from FS, I don't think I'd want to go to Eagle with the way the Eagle guys are talking about it over at COEX would be a nice addition though. Ontop, you in stage 4 yet? Good luck.

Passed my Phase IV checkride yesterday. You are now talking to (reading?) an ASA new-hire!!!
Congrats, OnTop!!!!! Hope to be following at least a small way in your shoes. I should start training at FSI in Oct.(That's if the financing comes through
). Not going the fast track. I'm going down with my PPL, and hope to go through the comm, multi, inst, and the 800 hour instructor contract and then move on somehow to get to EJA. Glad to see you made it through. Best of Luck!!!!!!!