American Eagle Hiring


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Can anyone who works at Eagle talk about the job. Would like to know the good and bad. Just curious about the operation there:)


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From a current American Eagle Dispatcher -

Good -
Work schedule is 4 on 3 off, 10 hour shifts. Unlimited swapping privileges. Overtime and straight time pick days are plentiful. Relaxed work environment and easy going supervisors. Excellent travel benefits - stand by list is based on check in time, not seniority.

Bad -
VERY senior work group - don't expect weekends or holidays off for a long time. (still able to swap the days off if you can find a willing participant). The AMR culture is to rule with fear....the company's future is always in the air. Some of the senior dispatcher are very disgruntle and miserable....expect griping. The union is controlled by AA and the needs of AA union members will always come first.

Good or bad -
Work hours. 14 AM shifts 0315-1315, 14 PM shifts 1300-2300, 2 Midnighters 2215-0815, 2 mid day shifts 0800-1800


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Any insight as to the stability there? I mean Im sure information is limited but are they still trying to split you guys off etc....


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So technically a total of 16 total desks operating. Now my question if you can answer it is how many flights is each desk planning both on mornings and nights? And you guys still operating roughly 1,800 a day?


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Hearing the test is basic material, and that the charts & plates are Jepps, not the gvt ones. Just relax and you will be fine!