American Academy of Aeronautics (San Jose)

No, but are they next to that pilot shop? If it is, it might be the reincarnation of Wings Over California/Wings International, the place I used to instruct at a long time ago, under different management.
Close...that school is the American School of Aviation. That would explain why Wings seems to be defunct now. It's interesting that their web site is still up, however. In fact, that's how I got linked to this discussion group in the first place!
That just might be the old Wings Over California/Wings International.

If you've got a chance to drop in, and if a guy named "Daryl Vorne" is still there, tell him I said howdy.
Will do. Yeah, I've left meassages and sent emails to Wings, but received no reply to either. That didn't inspire a lot of confidence in the least in its present form.
A word to the wise with any flight school. During normal business hours, if they don't return your telephone call promptly, move on to the next.