America to Australia?


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Hey guys.
I have been looking into going to Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia.
And i was wondering if i got my private when i was like 16/17.
And i moved to Australia, would all the aviation stuff be wack compared to america's?
Will it be way diffrent?


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yes, and their 74's have holes in the side.

and when you start to spin, you go the other way...every time. Left wing drops? you're going right. :sarcasm:


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I read on AOPA that GA in Australia is prohibitively expensive thanks to the user fees. You might want to have that in mind...


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I have worked with a couple Aussies on PPL and IR training. They are here because the cost there is pretty high. But as far as they knew the actual air traffic system in Australia was not much different than the US, they are both ICAO after all.


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There are lots of articles on flying in Australia to be found. When I was there last September one place near Sydney was asking for AUD 240/hour for a C172 (which I passed on). And this is before the rise in oil prices.


It's pretty tough to be a pilot in Australia. Especially as an outsider. Shouldn't keep you from moving there and trying it out, at least in the short term!


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ok damn.
my hopes are gone almost. :/
i was actually planning on going to college there, so i will most likely end up getting a lot of my flight training and hours there too if i do that.