AME in Miami/Ft Laud area.


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Hey guys.

I do know how to find an AME on the FAA's website ....but was just wondering if any fellow JC's have any recommendation on one down here who isn't terribly expensive.

i do require a 1st class....under 40 yrs old.

just looking to see if anyone knows of somebody who is "reasonable" with his pricing. I paid $170.00 last year and think that may have been a little excessive.

Thanks guys.


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Dr Furgang is based right in Reliance Aviation FBO at Tamiami Executive (KTMB). Great guy, easy appointment and prices (I got an over 40 Class 1 just last month)


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Ray Mummery...hands down.
I don't use Dr Ray, but I have two friends that do. Once of them has had Dr Ray handle his 1st class special issuance for over 40 years. Never had a problem.

My AME is out of the FPR area. Wayyy north of MIA/ TMB/ FXE/ BCT... But I'll send his info if you'd like.