Am I expecting too much from my opthamologist?


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Several years ago I began wearing glasses after a long time of perfect vision. My near vision is the problem; it's slowly declining with age. When I got my first pair of specs I found I had trouble reading the panel and overhead switches: I had to tilt my head uncomfortably far back. A second pair of specs has improved the situation, but I still need to tilt my head back in most close-up instances, whether it's in the cockpit, reading a computer screen, or writing.

I've discussed the problem with my opthamologist, and he doesn't seem to have a solution. For those of you who have been wearing specs for a long time (to correct for near vision) is this a problem that one has to live with, or do I need to try a different opthamologist? If I need to try a different opthamologist, can anyone make a recommendation for a doctor located in Anchorage or Chicago?

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Talk to him about "plumber lenses" where they put a correction in the bottomn for reading and one in te top for overhead work