Alpine Air Interview???


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Got a call to come out to KBIL for an interview flying a BE-99 in South Dakota. I am heading out there real soon and wondering if anyone has interview gouges they can post for me. I have heard the good, bad, and the ugly so please save those comments. I'm just going for an interview and will decide from there. Thanks

Are you interviewing for the route based out of Rapid City? For Alpine, it's really not a bad setup. Outstation based and pretty easy money. One gear problem that involved a gear up landing out here within the last year and 1 crashed 99 that was pilot error out here too- that was probably 2 years ago now. Things go wrong... I don't know enough about their mx. to judge. The NTSB reports have the Alpine accidents within the last few years- read up and make your own conclusions I guess. Honestly though, the best Alpine schedules are going to be the SD types of routes (mail routes) where you're off in your own world- but that's what I like. No management to deal with. Just show up and do your job.

If you decide to take it and this is for the Rapid City route let me know... I can give you the rundown on living in RAP (I fly freight out of RAP at the moment) if you don't already know.
Thanks for your response.
I actually live in Rapid City right now flying for Black Hills Life Flight. Are you with Landmark or EncoreFreight? I am familiar with the crashes at Alpine and knew the 99 pilot fairly well. It's unfortunate, but it turned out to be a pitot-static failure, as well as some pilot error. I won't go into details in public.
I have never heard of these guys before, so if did I read that right, that after the 300 hours your get kicked back out?