Allegiant gets Airbus.....


Ahh! This is how I change this!
They were advertising for an A319 fleet manager a couple of weeks ago. Glad to see it going through.

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I found this on the apc thread and thought it was funny....

Allegiant: Hello, Hello, we need a rudder position sensor, got an airplane on gro...

AirBus: BEEEP! Bonjour, bienvenue dans l'airbus pièces hotline. Nous sommes en vacances, alors notre syndicat a négocié plus de congés, puis vacances commencer jusqu'en Septembre. Si vous le souhaitez, laisser un message. N'essayez pas de commander des pièces de quelqu'un d'autre. Nous contrôler le marché de votre jet. Plutôt que de réparer votre avion, pourquoi ne pas en acheter un nouveau ?

Alligient Maintenance Manager: Hello, does that mean no one will call me back until September?

AirBus: Laissez votre message après la tonalité. Laisser un message en coûtera $ 5,000 euro. BEEEEP!

Alligent President: Hey what did AirBus say about that part?

Alleigent Maintenance Manager: They said, buy a Boeing.


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Apparently a difference of opinion as to where to put them iwa or somewhere in FL. They are retiring at least 2 of the mad dogs that have 130 seats on them.


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They put together a presentation highlighting the economics of the A319 vs. the MD-80. It was very interesting, I remember the average operating price per passenger is $96 on the A319 and $106 on the Mad Dog. Only downside was the monthly ownership cost of the 319s will be 102% higher than the Mad Dogs, but that will pay for itself in other savings I'm sure.

What I find most interesting is that these A319s aren't replacing MD-80s, they're just fleet additions. The only MD-80s Allegiant plans to retire are the 2 MD-87s which are just doing charters. That's good news for anyone who wants to work there.