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Not quite sure if this is the right forum for the question, but...

Does anyone have the gouge on "ALL ATPs?" They offer the multi-eng comm upgrade (already have SE, rotorcraft comm and inst) in a 4-day, 8.5 flt hour program for $1695, which is the best price I've seen.

Are there any better deals in the SE US, specifically N. FL?
I did their ATP program when I got mine about 6 years ago. Pretty straightforward with an alright PA-44 too.

Are you planning on using your GI Bill? They aren't approved for VA bennies. I would've looked harder at them had they been, but I can't justify giving up nearly 20 grand...
I did the multi-comm add-on with them last november. The first day the weather was no good, the second day we lost the right brake and only got just over an hour in, I was starting to get a little worried since I didn't want to miss more work. The next day ATP had sent another airplane up, I flew over five hours, and passed the checkride no sweat on the fourth day. It's a pretty good operation, I had no problem getting it done in the four days even with the problems on the first two days, and I had never even set foot in the cockpit of a multi before this course. Can't beat the price either.
I agree with Mike D. - I did my ATP there 3 years ago or so - it accomplished the mission - it was "as advertised". Decent airplane. Didn't necessarily 'learn' anything new other than I had never flown a PA44 before. Went up flew a few approaches, some single engine stuff then got my balls busted by an examiner that was a disgruntled ex Eastern guy for 3 hours.

Good experience overall. Don't have any experience with their other flight training programs. Instructor was excellant.