Airtran Recall


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December 3, 2008
To: AirTran Pilots
From: Jim Tabor – VP Operations
Subject: Cancellation of Reduction Notice RN 08-12
The Reduction Award RN 08-12 is hereby cancelled.
The Company will be recalling some pilots from furlough to satisfy Vacancy Notice (VN 08-12) which remains in effect. The reason for this change in staffing is the revised fleet and utilization plan for 2009. The original plan called for 136 aircraft shrinking to 132 by year’s end with a lowered utilization rate throughout the year due to the then projected cost of fuel above $105 per barrel. Current projections are still for a reduced fleet of 132 aircraft, but with significant increases in aircraft utilization, especially on the B717. The net result will be an increased need for pilots on both aircraft types by summer 2009 and so the “rebalancing” of pilots from B737 to
B717 is no longer a beneficial move.
Recall notices are being distributed and the vacancies will be filled by recalled pilots.
Jim Tabor
VP Operations