AirTran beats US Airways, ALPA wants a contract.


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No love for the Tran I take it?

$78 million for Q2 2009.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As AirTran Airways [NYSE:AAI] executives today announced a $78 million profit for the second quarter 2009, AirTran pilots began a new round of contract talks with its management. The pilots are approaching their fifth year without a new contract, and pilot pay rates at AirTran are as much as to 26 percent below industry average.

“We are pleased that the effort and dedication of our pilots have helped lift the company to a $78.4 million profit in the second quarter and $107 million for the year,” said First Officer Linden Hillman, the Chairman of the AirTran chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA). “It was good to hear AirTran CEO Bob Fornaro recognize this fact while announcing the company’s profit, when he praised the extraordinary performance of all of our co-workers.”

ALPA and management are scheduled to resume negotiations today. ALPA’s negotiators have been attempting to work with management to reach an agreement that provides continued financial success for the company while also improving pilot’s pay, job security, and quality of life.

“It is our men and women who climb into the cockpit every day and fly our customers safely and efficiently to destinations across North America that have contributed to this profit,” said Hillman. “We expect that management will include the pilots in the ongoing success of this company. Our efforts help make this company thrive -- not just survive -- in a challenging economy.”

AirTran pilots are in mediated talks to replace their current contract, which was signed in 2001 and became amendable in 2005.