Airports in the Boston Area


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I am thinking of going to Boston, and was trying to look for an airport on the Northern side of the Boston Metro Area. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Check out BVY (Beverly) or BED (Hanscom-Bedford). I've heard BED is the better one, and its the only one I've been into. Prepare to be treated like scum if you're not flying anything that burns mass amounts of Jet-A.
BVY is a good small airport and I personally fly out of LWM. There are a ton of airports in the area and they all treat you well. Pease is a blast to fly into because the runway was set up for the shuttle to land at so the runway is loooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggg. Check out the area and fly your heart out.
MHT is about 45 miles north of Boston. I'm not sure if that's too far north for you. If so, Hanscom is your best bet.

Pease is a blast to fly into because the runway was set up for the shuttle to land at so the runway is loooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggg.

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Has the Shuttle ever landed at Pease?

Has the Shuttle ever landed at Pease?

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To the best of my knowledge it has not, although I have seen the Orbitor "Trainer" on final when I was there once. I think it is a converted Gulfstream somthing but they fly it with flaps and gear down and have a big speedbrake on on the back. Also there is some sort of computer induced interference in the fly by wire system so it feels exactly like the real thing.

I've seen the same plane at the Cape in FL. It comes in at the steepest angle you can possibly imagine! It looks like it is going to crash..
Norwood is very close to Boston. From there, you can take the train into Boston. Friendly tower, and nice airport
Is BOS like right downtown. In all the pictures of BOS in it looks like a downtown airport.

And it looks like the airplanes are flying straight towards downtown skyscrapers on takeoff....

BOS is close, but there is a $40 security fee, a $27 landing fee. and an average $30 handleing parking
Yeah, I had a trip planned into BOS awhile back. It got cancelled for some other reason, but it was going to cost around $300 to park a Bonanza there for 2 nights- not including fuel which is $3.30/gal. Glad it wasn't coming out of my pocket...
I’m getting my PPL out of BED (Hanscom) it’s a great airport. I have no idea about the fees for landing or staying overnight. I am fairly certain landing fees are cheap until 11:00pm until 6:00am. It’s probably about 20 miles from downtown Boston and you could expect about a 40min to 1 hour 15min commute to downtown Boston depending on the time of day. Its dual use so you have a good chance of seeing some cool military stuff. All branches of the military use it. I’m not sure when why they come Hanscom, but they do. MIT’s Lincoln Labs has their 707 based out of there which is the test bed for the electronics stuff that is going to be going into the 767 E-10A for the military. I have not flown in about 3 weeks because of finals exams for school, but I believe it is there right now. It’s usually inside of a hangar. I saw its land one time and it had lots of great black smoke coming out of the engines. There should be public transportation into the city via bus, but I wouldn’t count on it. There are always cabs and livery cars waiting to take people, and there is also a car rental place. However, I would call ahead and get firm transportation arrangements should you fly into Hanscom.