Airports in Florida


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I am getting ready for my IFR x-country flight and I am planning on going to an airport in Florida. Are there any must-see airports preferably ones that have several different kinds of approaches.
KTPA is a goodie. Don't know if its a "must see". KEYW is a cool airport but probably out of your way
Titusville (Space Coast Regional) - KTIX. You can see the NASA facility (shuttle assembly building and launch pads) very clearly (they are only about 10 miles east of the airport). They have an ILS and NDB approach ... don't remember if they had a VOR. Also a pretty decent "diner-style" restaurant on the field that isn't overpriced at all.

No instrument approach at all but of the 76 Florida airports I've landed at, Cedar Key (KCDK) is my favorite. It's on the west coast, west of Cross City ... tiny island, even smaller airport, 100% unattended. The island has a few restaurants, couple of beach resorts, and some shopping and is surrounded by even smaller islands that are now national park. It's a real treat and if you ever get a chance to go in there for a day, you won't be disappointed.
Wow, Hammer hit the nail right on the head. TIX does have an NDB, ILS, and GPS approach. You can always go 5 minutes down the coast or 20 up and shoot a VOR approach in Melbourne or Daytona Beach. But TIX and CDK are definitely neat. There's even a lady in Cedar Key who listens for arriving aircraft and will give you a cab ride into town for 5 bucks per person each way.

By the way, I would have said Cross City. They used to have a restaurant and you could buy beer and feed it to pigs out back. They closed about 2 years ago.
Cross City is still worth the trip if you have time in Florida .... very nice people at a decent sized airport that's never busy. Yeah, the beer drinking pig is gone however there is a nice little diner (called Elaine's) that's about a 3 minute drive from the airport where you can get great food really cheap. The airport manager was always happy to let you use the car to go in to town if you wanted. It's real small-town America.
Cross City is still worth the trip if you have time in Florida ..

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You're kidding, right?
KCTY is a hole. An escape route for the maximum security Penitentiary that is adjacent to it.

The few times I've flown in there, the friggin' grass between the runway and taxiways had not been mowed in so long that you could barely see across.

Yeah.... spend your hard-earned money going THERE!!

I'd recommend KPIE, KSRQ or KTPA for the approaches. All are right on the water.

If you stop at KTPA, the FBO is Raytheon and there is a brand spankin' new mall right across the street with some kickASSed restaraunts!.

Drop me a line if you come this way and I'll be glad to meet you there.