Airport with good food along North East coast


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I am planning my long cross country for the IR rating and wanted to stop and get some lunch along the way.

I really would like to try one of the lobster sandwiches I keep hearing about on here.

Any recommendation for airports with good food? I was thinking Block Island, heard it was a good flight and a nice place to go. I fly out of TTN in NJ so I can go north to Connecticut or south to the Chesapeake area.

I leave at 9am so I figure fly a long leg, get some lunch then do a few hops to airports on the way back with a full stomach.


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Hey -- good luck w/ the IFR X-C. It is a fun one.
I have come to the realization that most of my short career in aviation has been based around food. Even now, I fly with most of the same crews and whenever we are not flying, we are eating somewhere in an airport.

I started flying professionally in the DC area, so I can recommend some great airfield restaurants in MD, DE and NJ. I now fly out of NY metro area, but I don't think Newark would be a great place to stop, nor is the food very good there. (haha)

I am sure there are plenty of others that will jump in and add to this list:

Easton MD, KESN -- great hamburgers. Now has a tower, ILS, etc.
Cambridge MD, KCGE-- new restaurant on the field, at the FBO. Uncontrolled, and not sure about fuel services.
Millville NJ, KMIV-- I ate here and have since decided that this was the best place I have flown into to eat at. I can't remember where the restaurant was on the field but if you go to you might be able to get better idea for it. MIV has a funny sort of control if I remember correctly-- no tower, but a UNICOM operator or something.
Bay Bridge : W29 (?) there is a little gas station next to the airport w/ a French guy who used to be a professional chef and his wife makes pastries. The food is awesome. Hemingways is a walk from there and not really worth it (IMHO)
If you are headed through PA to get where you want to go, check out KLNS, and KRDG. Good restaurants there.

I could go on and on, but I'll end with Wilmington DE, KILG, and on the field there is a place that is dressed up like a WWII airfield station, I am forgetting the name--someone will jump in, I hope. It is a really great restaurant, a little pricey, but well worth a flight down there someday.

I can't believe I put all this down- I am a little embarrassed that I wrote all this-- but I hope you have a good time. Sounds like you have good experience flying out of TTN.


p.s. after scrolling down and rereading, I think your best bet is ESN or MIV.


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Well, since the Flying W is way to close and Lancaster is probably too close as well, I was going to say Republic in Long Island. They have a 51st fighter group there where you can grab some decent grub.

But for anyone reading this, Flying W N14 is the place.:nana2:


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Fly up to Nantucket for lunch and stop at Teterboro on the way back. If you can handle that route and the do the TEB5 departure with no problem you will be a competent instrument pilot. Nantucket is a pretty neat place to go too, although it is kind of out of season.



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My vote is for Block Island. It gets a little hectic there because there is no tower but it's the end of the season so it might not be so bad. The food is good though and there are lots of different options :)


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Easton MD, KESN -- great hamburgers. Now has a tower, ILS, etc.
I second that. I haven't flown in, but my step-dad has parents just outside of Easton and we've gone a few times to the airport restaurant because it's a local legend in terms of burgers.

If you're willing to go for a long leg, FDK has a decent airport restaurant, and AOPA is there if you want to check it out. That's a long trip, though.


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I'd also recommend a little strip in Millbrook, NY called Sky Acres - 44N is the identifier. Pretty good restaurant on the field called Perfect Landing IIRC. Wouldn't be a terribly far trip from TTN. It's about 20 mins or so N of HPN.

Also, though it may be a bit too much of a stretch the airport restaurants in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are awesome.


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Thanks for all the great input.

I am debating between Nantucket and BID as the first stop. I am leaning more towards BID though. I have not landed or departed at a non-towered field while on an instrument plan. Does not seem to complicated but I want to do it with an instructor once. 44N will be my next cross country though, looks like a great airport to fly into and the reviews of the food on airnav were all good.

I am thinking VOR/DME 10 for BID with circle to land if winds require. ILS 19 at TEB followed by the TEB 5 departure. Finish up with the GPS 24 at TTN.

I can't wait! Gonna go home tonight and look over the routes on the low altitude chart, see what kind of fuel I'll need. Do all the take off and landing calculations and find out where I will need to taxi to for food/fuel.


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Call ahead of time to make sure they are still open, but i'd recommend going to Block and eating at either Bethany's diner (on field), or take a quick cab ride to new harbor and go to "the oar' restaurant. Very good crab cakes and lobster roles.

Another suggestion, and it takes you off the literal coast, but it would be to go to Barnes (KBAF). Go to five star (cheapest fuel in the North East). There is a very good restaurant at the new FBO next to five star. Furthermore, you will see a ton of F-15's (possibly in flight), and theres always the chance to catch the C5's @ westover doing work...



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Now you are making my decision more difficult, I would love to see some F-15's.

I really need to hit the lottery. I am running low on funds but want to fly to all these places.


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If you are low on funds than I would definately go to BAF. 100LL is $3.79 @ five star right now, and you will see a good 10-15 F-15's =)


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Gas is included in rental, but maybe that will get them to knock off the $7 fuel surcharge per hour.

Lobster rolls or f-15's.......ha two great choices.