Airport Staffing Level


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A few months ago I though I saw a thread here with a link which listed all the major ATC airports and their current staffing levels vs. staffing goals. Does anyone know where that website is located? It was real interesting to look at but I can’t seem to find the forum where it was posted.


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Word... I just look at the facility that I am heading to and the staffing levels are inflated BIG TIME compared to the info I received at the PEPC


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This brochure put out by the FAA earlier this year lists staffing levels by facility at the end. Brochure pages 41-49 (44-52 by the Adobe reader page counter). It does not distinguish between CPCs and developmentals and the numbers are from the end of FY07 so take it with a grain of salt. Also I am sure the union will tell you there is some creative math to get the numbers. IMO it is another source of info to work with, analyze it as you will and don't take it as gospel.