Airplane Repo

Just a tad. ;) Was that a legit hydraulic patch? Did that arrest seem staged?

Looks like they got the crew from Storage Wars.

I had trouble figuring out what was staged/what wasn't. The part where the ranch hand walked into the hangar and failed to notice both guys as well as the camera man seemed sketchy... At least at points they acknowledged the camera crew though. Overall I liked it more than the Popavich chronicles.
A bit over dramatized, but an enjoyable watch. The jeff foxworthy guy is awful.

2 things: The PT6 sound dubbed over the Cessna 421 starting up...
And on the "gear up" call, it was subtitled as "we're up."
I liked the air to air shots during the repo as well as how they seemed to show up just in time for that Baron to take off. Completely staged, but still enjoyable.
I am too much of a cynical for that show because I feel like most stuff was staged, but I do enjoy just watching airplane shows :D Sage-Popovich I feel is a much better series.
A bit over dramatized, but an enjoyable watch.

I think I found my perfect aviation job. :D

The reason you know it's staged is because no moron would commit crimes on'd think anyways.
I especially like the breaking and entering part on the ranch. I like the old series better. I feel that they made it more palatable for the non aviation types.
Its all good until someone bust a cap in your arse either by the owner of the aircraft or authorities who don't know who you are. No thanks! I am trying to cut down.
At least it is a fake ass show with real aviation. Unlike the Kardashians, which is just a fake ass show with only the occasional RC helicopter. Even when it is totally staged, Airplane Repo is burning real fuel in those engines.