Airplane rentals


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Does anyone know where is a good place to rent cheap planes around here? Preferrably good equipment, and preferrably twin engine. I am looking for a cheap way to build time before I finish my CIME and can apply to be a CFI. Also, is anyone interested in splitting time with me?
The only place to rent a twin in Vero is Sun Aviation and Paris Air. Sun Aviation has a Seminole for rent. Kinda ratty and crappy avionics. I flew it a couple times. Paris Air seems to have nice planes, but the wanted significant amounts of twin time, block purchases, and a long checkout.

The next closest place for a twin is Air Orlando at KORL. We have three Senecas that rent for $165 per hour wet and we require a two-hour checkout. PM me if you want more info.
Citrus Grove Aviation at New Hibiscus Airpark has three Cessna 150's for rent at $56 an hour. I rented a couple of them this summer. They are fairly nice.