AirNet II Baron USC247 Crash outside St. Louis


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N585CK which used to be N1859K.
Conflicting reports on 1 or 2 on board.

I always hold my time at AirNet very closely.

A couple years ago I heard 247 come on center frequency in the middle of the night as I was flying to Sacramento well above the crappy weather below. I reached out to them over a different frequency and chatted for about 5 minutes about AirNet of the past vs. today. Who knows if it was the same pilot.
RIP fellow Starchecker.
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Airnet was bought several years ago by Doug Kalitta, hence the CK tail number. During my interview here a few years ago, everybody that saw my resume had to tell me how Doug owns it now.

RIP Starcheckers! I’ll pour one out for you when I have a beer here soon, like I did during my time at Airnet.